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“U-Design: Recent Posts” widget:

It displays the most recent posts with teaser text, author and date info (optional), you also have the option to offset the displayed recent posts from the most current one, use this to omit the first 2 or 3 latest posts for example. In addition to that the widget allows you to select a specific category and all its descendants respectively. Limit the number of words to show from each post. Auto generate thumbnails and optionally show thumbnail frame shadow. The thumbnails can have any width or height. In addition I have provided a shortcode version of this widget so that it can be used anywhere in the content, not just widget areas. You can see an example of the shortcode version below.

“U-Design: Recent Posts” widget shortcode:

This is the shortcode you could use to be able to include the “U-Design: Recent Posts” widget anywhere in your content, pages/posts.

Here’s an example of the shortcode with all available parameters:

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    Farolas Solares en Las Rozas
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