Behind this company a total and absolute commitment hides facilitate energy access for people. Years, which we have shaped this project, we have been researching and developing on their own new ways to facilitate transport and energy production.

Today we already have a lot of real and proven solutions that allow us to spend less and less in Energy, either in our vehicles, generators, boilers, farms, industries, businesses or homes.

Today Yes, we can say that we can give a comprehensive energy saving solution or total savings. That is to say, We make life costs less making energy costs less, and thus directly encouraging the local economy of those places where we do self-sufficient savings or facilities.


Throughout the year 2014 They provided were mulling several possibilities for the consolidation of this business project, for that would provide value to the region and would generate employment in the area, and a direct environmental impact. All these possibilities were forged and taking shape:


One of them was to separate the business of local industrial activity in different. The problem was the separation of the two activities, to try to be more accessible in a purely commercial area.


Another option considered was to be located in an industrial warehouse with offices and indeed the opportunity arose.

The previous owner of the ship, ceased operations at the same time the company decided to settle in a place with more possibilities, so it was.


It was from that moment, we started our development work and for the company in an exponential manner in which we had not done before.

Since then and until today we are in our instalaciones found in the Polygon Los Arcos, Caspe, in front Adidas, in a very accessible ship with 600m2 for all kinds of jobs, and those who continue to innovate and develop until today.


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