Regeneration of batteries

Regeneration of batteries

We are able to extend the life of batteries, con los ahorros económicos que esto implica. Este servicio estará disponible a partir de mediados de 2015.

The goal is to find ways Elívere that all produce energy autonomously, decentralized, cheap and clean. From Elívere we believe that anyone has the right to produce their own energy and become independent from the mains if desired, very important step for developed countries and those in developing.

The importance of access to energy today for many people is vital, and self-sufficient through renewable energy installations have a weak point already known: The batteries

Our goal is to extend the life of batteries maximum number of independent facilities and possible industrial, minimizing pollution of the Earth and benefiting economically, energy and time to companies and users of these facilities.

In Elívere we begin to know in depth the field of batteries and recovery. For this reason we offer different solutions cost savings depending on customer needs: optimization, repair, regeneration, sales and consulting of all types of lead acid batteries: from batteries of electric trucks, traspaletas, boats, trucks, cars and photovoltaic installations.

We diagnose without compromise and without incurring any batteries to give the best solution through our services:
• Fast Desulphation
• Desulfatación slow
• Preventive and corrective maintenance of batteries
•Design, planning and implementation of solar projects and UPS.
• Supply of all types of batteries and components.

Elívere focuses primarily on optimizing the batteries and also in regeneration. With the services offered by Elívere soon, batteries have a longer service life and, Thus, amortization is much more profitable and efficient. The same batteries that are normally prematurely move to recycling centers and, without the services of Elívere, They may have a shorter life and would cause pollution.


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