Water injection

Water injection

We managed to achieve higher compression evaporation of water in the combustion chamber, which translates into increased power and fuel economy.

At present water injection is accompanied by hydrogen as applied to products installed.



Water injection + HHO

The efficiency of combustion engines, They are limited by its conceptual design ,  which it is the very fuel explosion, What energy but generates exactly Explosion?

During the explosion, two types of energy are generated:
1) thermal:   70% It is the heat , is the energy that is transferred from one body to another according to their different temperatures,
2) Kinetics:  30% , The energy of the expanding gases , which it is what moves ( cylinders) the motor ,  its formula is E = ½ mv2) ,
Kinetic energy depends on the mass of the gas that expands,  and even more the speed of these gases ( we'll use this later).

It is public knowledge that, in the best case, an engine explosion transformed into movement, 30% of the energy of the explosion and 70% remaining dissipates or expelled by the exhaust.


The benefits of injecting water atomised HHO:

1. Soften the flame front, preventing the shock waves that cause detonation.

2. Add a medium expanding, It is generating greater pressure cylinder, It is doing more work on the piston. When the droplets vaporize, absorb heat, and become high-pressure steam, and that adds power to the motor.
It also reduces (temperature)  amount of thermal energy absorbed by the cylinder walls,  ie transforms the energy of combustion heat pressure.

3. Reduces NOx emissions, allowing you to stay closer to the stoichiometric air fuel Relations.

4. Proper injection of atomised HHO, cools the air-fuel mixture, that increases its density and therefore the amount of mixture entering the cylinder.

This is a team for large consumption, trucks, gensets, boat engines, heavy machinery, mining, Farm Equipment, etc., achieving significant savings.



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