efficient engine

efficient engine

We know how to make any vehicle or generator consumes less fuel. We can install proven saving equipment, or perform work for each engine optimization as well as the other component parts.


Here we must distinguish between two ways to reduce consumption in an engine / vehicle:


Asset Systems Fuel Savings

– Water injection

We managed to achieve higher compression evaporation of water in the combustion chamber, which translates into increased power and fuel economy.

– Hydrogen generator

Autonomous equipment installed which provide an adequate amount of hydrogen for the reduction of fuel consumption, and saving happens because we add extra energy in the combustion process.

– Injected hydrogen for decarbonization and Engine Tuning

In our workshop, descarbonizaciones realize that allow return the vehicle consumption had in the past, before they started removing carbon deposits that eventually causing excess fuel consumption over time.


Fuel Saving Systems Liabilities

– Through the Air

Facilitators Combustion devices as Z5

– Through Fuel

Applying Eco-fuel Neutron making an even more efficient combustion.

– Reducing internal frictions in Motor

This is achieved by adding substances in contact with moving parts of the engine, able to reduce their losses to the maximum.

– Reducing friction losses in the transmission chain

Since energy efficiency and performance also define many other mechanical elements, we take care to optimize the entire chain of transmission of the vehicle with specific products at strategic points.


In all cases the consumption is reduced, contact us for more information, We will be happy to help you and study your case.

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