active solution, Hydrogen support

active solution, Hydrogen support

Our teams apply to oil burners, Gas Natural y GLP(using water). also now, for boilers biomass.

Reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere at a 60%

With an injection of 10 lpm of HHO(Hydrogen + I oxygen obtained by electrolysis of water) in most cases savings is achieved between one 40% and a 50% in natural gas bill (in boilers 25-30 Kw) and between 30% and a 45% in boilers (25-40 Kw) de Gasoil y GLP.

Our teams introduce HHO in your boiler together with oil, gas natural o gpl, significantly reducing the use of fossil fuels, and polluting a 60% less the atmosphere.
Improved results are measured in:

1) Flame temperature
2) Flame size

Results in parts of each component:

Gas Natural Lpm HHO Flame size Flame temperature
2,8   1   50%   35%
5,6   1   45%   30%
8,4   1   40%   15%

As an example domestic gas boiler , consume between 1.6 Y 2,4 m3 gas when, approximately 30 Y 35 LPM de gas, in the case of a tight boiler 40.000 kcal , son 2.4 m3 gas when, that is to say 40 LPM.

Our generator produces up 10 LPM HHO, with a maximum consumption in operation 2000 w per hour, ( as a small electric stove), so the total savings are calculated as very conservative in the order of 40 %.

These results are applicable to oil burners and the LPG, with the proviso that the latter must be adjusted pressures.

They are very easy to install, there is no intervention in the boiler, and amortizable in a few months.

It requires no maintenance and can be used, if you desired with renewable energy source (solar or wind) for the energetic support of the electrical part.

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Active energy saving system for hydrogen combustion in boilers

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