Gasification with Plasma

Gasification with Plasma

This new technology will go into the manufacturing phase and commissioning Innovation Elívere facilities soon, but…

What it constitutes such development?

The product is innovative technology and co-developed with BluePlasma Power, who manages to get in a clean and economic, 2 net kwh of electricity 1 kg of biomass of, as could be wood waste. Unlike conventional technologies they have reached only get near 1.1 net per kwh 1 kg of biomass of. This is achieved through an innovative process called Plasma Gasification Catalytic Hydro (HGCP). Innovation achieved in an economic way, partial oxidation of biomass gas with steam, which in turn adds hydrogen synthesis gas produced and simultaneously increases its energy content.

The synthesis gas obtained HGCP gasifier,  It is a high-energy gas and very low content of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, ideal alternative for use in generating electricity with standard biogas engines, natural gas and gasoline; or to convert it into a low-cost liquid biofuel to replace fossil material fuel such as gasoline and diesel.

The reason can be operated with low energy prices Y profitably, It is that it is a technology with an integration of existing processes, arranged in a novel sequence, resulting in a new overall process, with an efficiency that doubles, low cost, efficiency technologies currently known.


simplified obtaining electricity directly with process biomass of various types


The image shows conceptually how the technology works BPP.

System co-developed and carried to term by Elívere Innovation.


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