Renewable energy

Renewable energy


 After several years of work in the field of renewable energies, and before creating the company Elívere Innovation, we realized that what we were doing was very important. We'd get energy, and therefore the ability to make it possible to develop farming activities, but also live in isolated and remote.

Which it meant our work was enough motivation and even today it remains. We managed to illuminate the homes of many families, mak
doles participants a new way of living. Self-sufficiency is possible, and there are no limits about, we have the ability to do that to be so, getting the best solution, the most appropriate, depending on what is needed, but also in terms of the money that is available. Therefore we are experts in finding that balance, and ensure quality, functioning, and price.

It's something that motivates us a lot and makes alternative energy reach all those who want to enjoy them in the best way possible, both individual level and in communities, business and industry. simply, We make it happen.

Manual and automatic lighting efficient, Overall performance of appliances, electric tools, pressurized water, pumping water, alarms for intrusion detection, automatic doors, use of excess energy produced, integration with auxiliary equipment, warranty service all year, ease of use. All this and much more, It is what we do and continue to do.

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