Installing solar streetlights

Installing solar streetlights


We have installed the first solar streetlights in the municipality of #lasRozas  – Madrid. They are located in parks and natural areas, son 9 streetlights that are incorporated into the mains, They work through LED dimmer device, solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

These lamps with unique design, They have been designed, manufactured and configured in facilities Elívere Innovation. Likewise, Elívere has been the company responsible for the installation and commissioning of the same.

They are streetlights need not be connected to the mains, this being a great economic advantage not to do ditches or break sidewalks or driveways to carry wiring. This type of lighting is, so, flexible in terms of its location and can be placed anywhere without pipes or electrical outlets, increasing the use of areas that remained unlit in hours without sunlight.



In Elívere we are already working on implementing new technological improvements, but to see it you have to wait a few months.

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Start up of the first solar streetlights in Rozas-Madrid:

Mayor to Visit new installations of solar streetlights

They are already working streetlights installed in the dog park Rozas-Madrid

We have installed more solar street lamps in the Forest Park The Cantizal


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